Christiano Sossi

General Biography and Background

With a background in music, advertising and production, Christiano has been dealing with field recording, sound design and

music for film, tv and other media since 2001.

Formerly a session musician and songwriter, Christiano worked with many name acts in the 1990’s, having played his first

professional session aged 15 for Vangelis (of synth and soundtrack fame) and George Trandalides.

Christiano scored his first short in 2001, Rufus, directed by Sebastian Dewing




(In 2008 Sebastian and Christiano worked together again, this time on a Straight 8 entry, “The Seventh Peel”


Whilst already a practicing musician, playing bass with rock band Alexander Wonderkind (who were on a development deal

with Nude Records) and leading his own eclectic Jungle / Funk project, Circle Groove who were very successful in the

London and the nascent Festival circuits (Darf Records) Christiano read Italian at University College, London (UCL).

During and after his period at UCL, Christiano worked as a researcher and editor’s assistant at Shots Magazine, as well as at

the world’s first Internet Café and ISP, Cyberia / easynet, providing advice and consultancy on online matters  to many blue-

chip companies like Turner Television / CNN. In addition he co-organised 1996’s Summer Daze Festival in Devon, headlined

by Hawkwind.

Christiano went on to train in Sound Engineering at Westminster College and gained an HND in Sound Design at the London

College of Printing part of the London Institute and a BA in Sound Arts and Design at the now rebranded London College of

Communication, part of the University of the Arts.

In order to gain as much experience and understanding in his field, Christiano worked on many films as a location sound

recordist, something he carries on doing, and as a field recordist, with a particular interest in urban as well as natural

soundscapes, Christiano has worked on many different recording projects, ranging from traditional film sound on many short

films (see: award winners, Honey and Sting and The Other Man), feature films (see: Played, The Best Years), tv series

(Sophia’s Diary, Channel 5) factual (C.O.I., The Fame Bureau) and commercials for television and radio (Kitkat, Nokia,

Panténe, LearnDirect, Nike)..

*Please see CV for a full list.

His natural field recordings have mostly been for projects made in collaboration with BBC London and David Lindo, the Urban




As a sound designer and composer, Christiano has worked on a number of animations as well as on film / television projects

and has been working closely with leading agency, Unit 9 on virals (Nokia, Are You Speaking playlist) and a number of award

winning websites including:

The X Factor / Carphone Warehouse


Cravendale Milk


The Blue Cross / Regence




Breaking Bad


Other broadcast sound design and composition work has included stings and idents (Orange / Orange Wednesdays), short

films (Attack, Subject3 ), feature films (Cab Hustle), as well as factual and documentaries (The Street Rescuer, Channel 4,

BBC London News).

Musically, Christiano has a varied palette of musical tastes, influences, themes and styles, clearly influenced by a mixed

background that sees Italian, Greek, North African, Israeli, Indian, Peruvian, Austrian, American and English parts of his

family. This is reflected not only in his composition and sound design work but also in his commercially available productions

and collaborations (see full list below),

As well as writing and producing, as an engineer / producer, Christiano has recorded orchestras (The English National Ballet

and Orchestra at their much applauded performance at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton), bands (Coomassie, The

London Punks, Circle Groove, P.I.M.P.) and everything in between.

A multi-instrumentalist who plays most non-bowed stringed instruments, as well as percussion, drums, vocals and keys.

Ultimately, his heart remains that of a bass-player (his first musical love was the bass-guitar, starting to play when he was 11

years old). He now plays 4 and 6-string basses, fretted and un-fretted as well as the double bass.

As far as musical influences are concerned, Christiano cites such diverse artists as the Studio 1 Dub pioneers, Led Zeppelin,

Photek, Aphex Twin, Herbie Hancock, Amon Tobin, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Queens of the Stone Age, Sonic Youth, Steve

Reich, Philip Glass and Stockhausen.

Christiano has played for, collaborated with, written for and produced a large number of artists including Embed, (Live), The

London Punks, Greg Wizard (Studio, Production and Live work), Donna Dee (Studio, Production and Live work), DJ Deekline

(Live work), Joe Driscoll (Studio, Production and Live work), Evi Vine (Studio and Production work), Andrew Sloman (Studio

work) Bukola (Studio, Production and Live work), Bethia Beadman (Studio, Production and Live work), If Wen (Live work),

The Housebreakers (Studio work), Rebel Star (Studio Work), Mungo Jerry (Studio and Live work), Clyde Stubblefield (Live

Work), The Egg (Live work), Wolfman (Live work), Tali (Live work), The Ruderalis (Studio, Production and Live work), Dog

(Studio, Production and Live work), PIMP amongst others. His band projects include Coomassie, The London Punks, PIMP,

Belle Atmos Embed and Essen.

Along with running Studio Zzyzx, Christiano currently lectures on Sound Design and Music for Film and runs the Soundtrack

(Semiotics of sound, sonic art and ‘Deep Listening’) and Sound Design Modules as well as teaching master classes on Film

Sound at the London South Bank University.



Gronk (2010-…) Double Bass. Live.


Embed (2009-...) Ian Brown Tour. Bass.


The London Punks (2007 - …) Bandleader, Production, Basses, Guitars, Vocals.


Coomassie MKII-III (2006 - …) Bandleader, Production, Basses, Guitars, Vocals.


Wolfman (Rough Trade, 2007 - ...Live work) Bass.


The Egg / Stuff (with Ned and Maff Scott of the Egg) (SquarePeg, 2007 - ...Live work) Bass.


Bethia Beadman (2007 - ...) Basses and guitars.


If Wen (Folkwit Records, 2007) Basses.


Rebel Star (2007 Live Work) Basses.


Tali (Breakbeat Era, 2005: Live Work) Double Bass, Guitars.


P.I.M.P (Pumpkin Records, 2005) Ongoing Project. Basses, Production.


Red Cell (Pumpkin Records, 2002-2004) Production, Basses, Vocals.


Ruderalis - (2003 - …) Ongoing Project. Production, Basses, Guitars, Percussion.


Bukola - (Reinforced Records, 2004 - …: Studio Work.) Basses, Guitars, Co-Production.


The Remedy - (2000 - 2003: Live Work.) Basses.


The Housebreakers - (Various 2002 - 2004: Studio Work.) Bass Guitar, Guitars.


Donna Dee - (Mecca Records, 2000 - …: Studio + Live Work.) Ongoing Project. Basses, Guitars, Production.


Dog - (EMI, 2003 + Studio Live Work.): Basses, Co-Production.


Coomassie - (Slip n Slide Blue, 1997 - 2001: Studio + Live Work.) Bandleader, Production, Basses, Guitars, Vocals.


Essen - (One Little Indian / Clean Up Records, 1997 - 2001: Studio + Live Work.) Bass Guitar, Co-Production.


Mungo Jerry - (1998-9: Live Work) Bass.


Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown) – (1997: Live Work) Bass.


Joey Ducane, Keziah Jones & CFC - (1996 - 1999: Live Work.) Basses.


Rancho Diablo - (Mute Records, 1996: Studio + Live Work.) Bass Guitar.


Juice - (Polydor Australia, 1995 - 1996: Live Work.) Bass Guitar.


Circle Groove - (Darf Records, 1994 - 1997: Studio + Live Work.) Bandleader, Production, Bass Guitar, Guitar,



Alexander Wonderkind - (Nude Records, 1993: Studio + Live Work.) Bass Guitar.


George Trantalides / Vangelis - (Sony Greece, 1992: Studio Work.) Bass Guitar.

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