Welcome to Studio Zzyzx.


Studio Zzyzx offers a multi-purpose multi-studio facility that

is set up for the following uses, with wet or dry hire:

-Photographic, Green Screen, Pack Shot and Video Shoots.

-Band and Theatre Rehearsals.

-High-end Audio Recording, Dubbing, ADR and Foley with a choice

of Live and / or Dead-room Sonic Spaces.

*Studio Zzyzx has the following unique visual features:

-Victorian Industrial steel beams and girders.

-High Ceilings (7.5m at their highest point).

-Brick or plastered walls.

-Musical Props.

*All rooms at Studio Zzyzx are acoustically treated.

*The studio also has a kitchen area, an office area and an open-

plan  holding / chilling area.

-Studio Zzyzx, in partnership with Decode UK can also provide the

latest HD cameras, lighting and rigging.


Studio Zzyzx and its team of highly skilled practitioners also

provides the following services:

-Sound Design, Dubbing, Mixing, ADR and Foley.

-Music Composition, Music Production, Writing, Scoring to Picture,

Jingles, Stabs, Stings, Incidental, Library and Bespoke Music.

-Location Sound and Field Recording.

-Development, Music Searches and Consultancy.

Studio Zzyzx’s Equipment List:

-Sound-wise, Studio Zzyzx has an array of boutique and high-end

old-school analogue and digital audio equipment, a vast selection

of live instruments and players, outboard gear all complementing

the latest Pro-Tools HD systems with either Logic or Pro-Tools as a

front-end GUI.

-In addition, Studio Zzyzx provides its own Location Sound



Sound Design Music Composition Production Mixing Recording Writing 

Development Location Sound Consultancy Searches Studio Space